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* Where we are?
* Where do we want to be?
* How do we get where we want to be?

“The key to wisdom is to constantly ask questions.”
“Research is needed to find the answers to the questions.”
“Our goal is not only to leave you alone with quantitative figures, but also to prepare different reports to achieve your goal.”

With this thought;
* A comprehensive report with photos that describing what the interviewers saw in the field.

* Report of quantitative data obtained as a result of the research.

* The report evaluating the data and determining the strategy by the analysis of these data.


Our goal is to fully meet the expectations of our customers, to increase the competitiveness and development power of our company.

It is an indispensable principle that our services be delivered on time, complete and without problems.

Our target in R&D and Service Development activities; is to design effective services for customer satisfaction and competition by continuously improving our knowledge and creativity.


Across Turkey, Ada Research & Consultancy collects data quickly and auditable manner with effective infrastructure spread across the field.

One of the strengths of Ada Research & Consultancy , which is capable of conducting research simultaneously in all points of the Turkey with strong and competent field infrastructure.


With our strong technical staff, innovative, dynamic, efficient, reliable team spirit conception; quality and customer satisfaction principles of global standards, we offer services at optimal prices.

In order to increase customer satisfaction and the current and future expectations of our customers, we are renewing ourselves according to technological developments with a team spirit in which all our employees take an active role; we work continuously for the development of our valued customers and our region.

Ada Research & Consultancy provides all kinds of information that you want to reach in every province and district throughout the country in accordance with the qualitative and quantitative criteria you need.


To realize mutual and sustainable growth with our customers and production partners.

To be the determining factor in the international arena with the social responsibility principles we apply in our sector.

To provide new services to the sector with the latest technology and process applications and to be in a leading position.

To respond the increasing service needs of our customers by integrating all our processes throughout the supply chain with information technologies.

To keep our relations with our customers continuously in order to shorten the production processes.

Implement process-oriented quality management system.

Ada Research;

 Consultancy is an organization that aims to transform the accumulated knowledge into social benefit.
* Using the right methods and techniques,
* By making no concessions to the ethical rules,
* Perceives the importance of time.

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